Our Story

Check out the landmarks that have made the history of the Andali S/A.


At the beginning of the activity, with a head office in the city of Paranaguá, state of Paraná. At that time, the company Fertilizantes Mitsui S/A, interested in the creating of a new production facility, however, was not to be decided in setting up and managing a structure of its own. There arose, then, is the invitation by the company to the creation of a new company that provides services in the sector of fertilizers.


In the year 2000, the ANDALI has acquired the assets of the Japanese in Brazil, and is focused on the provision of services to the manufacturing, warehousing, receiving and loading to a third party. Since that time, investments for the increase of the static capacity, production, and structures of support that have been set.


In 2006, the opportunity has arisen to be working with a nursery, storage, and shipment of the products to be transported in a container. The company then acquired the building and equipment going to use it solely for this purpose.


At the beginning of 2007, and America Latina logistica, ALL, and responsible for the transportation, by rail, from Marietta, has proposed to the Andali-a significant boost to the small terminal on the freight wagons, so that the loading on the module to the rail, which until then had been available only for fertilizers, industrialized bagged, they were also carried out on a large scale for fertilizer for the year. In the Andali took up the challenge and, together with the large increase in the a terminal, set up a structure with a balance of road and rail, and a heavy duty rig for the loading of fertilizers in bulk, in freight cars.


In the month of June, 2012, upon the company becoming a public limited company (a/S, A), for the CHS, the largest cooperative of grain from the United States, is joined to the frame stock from Andali via a joint venture with the families that owned the company. The leverage capability and muscles, of the company to make further investments in industrial structures and the development of management. In the same year, created a corporate structure more robust, and the head office is moved to Curitiba (PR).


the Installation of an industrial unit in Rondonópolis, in Mato Grosso, brazil, providing service to the state with the highest consumption of fertilizers in Brazil.