Our Commitment

We are committed to honoring what we have made arrangements with all our customers, as well as to make sure that they remain satisfied with what we deliver to you the type of the policy and the compliance and security of the company.


Inspire trust and confidence. Share Solutions.

The mission

Providing high-quality service and unmatched value, to form long term relationships and to work in synergy with our clients in order to be a leader in the industry. In addition to this, the role of Andalis is the world's largest provider of services in Brazil in the sector of Fertilizers.


To be a benchmark for customers, clients, partners, and society as a guarantee for the well-being of our people.

The values

Credibility, integrity, reliability, competence, and respect.

Integrated policy

Andali believe that good results can be achieved through the satisfaction of our customers in the training and development of employees, ensuring occupational health and safety, the compliance with the laws, respect for the environment and a commitment to the continuous improvement of our standards and processes.
These principles are characterised by the commitment of the Andali with the development and management of the activities of receipt, storage, blending and shipping of fertilizer, constantly searching for excellence in safety, quality and environmental protection.

Cause that we support

Andali supports a focus on the importance of educating the urban society with accurate information about the benefits of compost. Check out the video below, developed by the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), and check out more on the subject. For more information, visit the web site brasil.ipni.net.